A Brief Intro

I care deeply about the experiences people have with products they interact with. Whether that's a smartphone, a website, or something as seemingly simple as a door, the design of that product affects our daily lives. My career has been focused on crafting these experiences and designing each product with intention, focusing on the details and iterating until it's right.

The six years I spent at Palm and HP gave me the opportunity to focus on interaction design for many different types of screens (mobile, tablet, and web). The countless hours spent writing ideas on sticky notes, sketching on pen and paper, wireframing flows on my laptop, and presenting and discussing my work during design reviews made me a better designer.

The three years I've spent at LOYAL3 on a small design team has allowed me to focus on the entire design process and make me a more well-rounded designer by sharpening my skills in usability testing, visual design, and prototyping, in addition to the interaction design work.

In both places, I started as an individual contributor and later led teams of designers as a design manager. In that role, I strive to find ways to empower my team to craft amazing experiences so that we are stronger as a team than we could be individually.

I've designed lots of things. I've managed and led teams. Most of all, I've been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of some amazing products and work with even more amazing people.